Now you can take all of your important information on the go with the Panorama iPod Organizer. This amazing new product turns your Apple iPod™ into a mobile information warehouse!

"Most Brilliantly Sneaky Hack … the Panorama iPod Organizer is a cheap way to look cool and reduce the number of digital devices you carry." 

TidBITS Macworld Expo report, Jan 14, 2002, Issue 612

With the Panorama iPod Organizer you can now use your iPod to store phone numbers, email addresses, flight numbers, appointment times ... all the important information you need to access on the go. Once the organizer information has been transferred to the iPod you can navigate the data just like your other music files. The iPod's unique jog wheel makes it easy to look up data with only one hand, an almost impossible task for most PDAs. Simply spin the jog wheel to locate the data item you are interested in.


You can enter and edit the data in the Panorama iPod Organizer software itself (shown above - click to enlarge the image) or import data from your favorite database or contact manager software. Information can be organized into as many custom categories as you like: Contacts, Appointments, Travel, etc. Each category appears as an entry in the Artists menu on the iPod.

The Panorama iPod Organizer requires no special software on your iPod. To transfer the data to your iPod the software exports the data as MP3 files compatible with iTunes. The next time you sync your iPod all of your contact information will be automatically transferred to the iPod. The organizer information is extremely compact -- in fact, 1,000 contacts will use less than 0.1% of the space on your iPod.

Anyone with an iPod can use the Panorama iPod Organizer. But if you are also a Panorama owner you get an extra bonus -- you can convert any Panorama database into a source for iPod data! The possibilities are endless -- use your iPod to display parts catalogs, check lists, company directories, production schedules, anything you can fit on the iPod screen!

The Panorama iPod Organizer is available now
for an introductory price of only $19.95!

Click here to order your copy today!

"The Panorama iPod Organizer is very, very cool.
Got it last week, installed it this week. It's wonderful"

Brian, Cambell, CA

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